The song l’ Amore di Gesù is a simple description of the most important reality of our faith: Love.

The Love of Jesus can be described and understood to a certain extent, but it also remains unfathomable, immense, inscrutable, incomprehensible. We can glimpse it in the majestic spectacles of nature, in the smile of a child, in the love between a man and a woman, in a deep friendship, in the face hollowed out by the years of an old man, in the blade of grass growing in a concrete wall, in those who work humbly, in those who sacrifice themselves to help others and even give their lives for them.

And then, of course, in the Gospel. By contemplating the Love of Jesus in His own words, in His examples and in His way of acting, we will be introduced, through the Holy Spirit, to a deeper and deeper knowledge of Him that will bring us all the way to the Father. In the life of Jesus is the highest example of what it truly means to love. There is no deeper, clearer and more eternal example in human history.

Every reality that exists exists through Him and in Him. Even those realities that would seem to rebel against the Lord are actually impregnated with His love, for the Love of Jesus pervades and is more powerful than everything that exists. If we could see the world as it really is, we would see before our eyes an immense sea of Love, which is precisely the Love of God, the Love of Jesus.

And now the video, shot between the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem, at the end of the article the English lyrics:

Download here the free mp3 track:     https://drive.google.com/file/d/
Download here the Lyrics +chords:       L’ Amore di Gesù testo e accordi

With the song the Love of Jesus, winning the Papaboys award, I participated in the second edition of the Sanremo Christian Music Festival, conceived by Fabrizio Venturi-to whom goes the most heartfelt thanks. I am thrilled to have met many new friends and for each one I have written a sincere compliment which you can find in this post on my Facebook page:


I invite you to listen to their song included in the Video Playlyst QUi in the compilation del Festival QUI


The Love of Jesus
words and music by Filippo Rossi (Nothingless)
You are my life
The greatest Love that remains and will not pass away
And I can know You and love You and finally live by You
The Love that You
Pours out and dwells into my heart
Lets run with Him in His way
The Love of Jesus is a sea whose depth you do not know
The Love of Jesus is more than a wave and sweeps over the night of doubt and darkness
You are my sun, Lord Jesus
the light of the world the way, the life, you are the truth
And I can invoke You and adore You and live finally for You
The Spirit who
Guides me and dwells into my heart
Lets run with Him in His way
The Love of Jesus is a sea that has no bounds and will never exhaust itself
The Love of Jesus sustains the world and overcomes death, pain and darkness
As time goes by and you see your nothingness, The All bends down and wraps around you and calls you already,
nothing can stop Him, trust in Him, He will never leave you, He is greater than all,
Powerful and faithful is His Love and He will save you
The Love of Jesus is an infinite Heaven that remains for eternity
The Love of Jesus, divine fire, stronger than everything, no more anything will separate us
The Love of Jesus


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