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We’ve all feared an illusion, that we had made a mistake.
Was I wrong to trust that person? To make that choice? To follow what I thought was a good impulse? To commit to something, to devote my time to what, on the surface, failed?
The song was an outburst in one of these moments of doubt.

Many times ours were not illusions at all, the insensitivity and evilness of others caused us to perceive them as such, the hardness of heart of those around us can kill and cut off our legs. Yet, even in the most painful situations, a glimmer of that light that comes from above never ceases to invite us and lead us towards what is eternal and will have the last word on human wickedness.

Thanks to my brother Giacomo Rossi for playing double bass – he’s the real



Was it illusion only, or what
No, you can not lead me astray
it’s just that men don’t see your way
just they don’t treasure what you say
if they resist your Love
you’ll show them your eternity

Was it illusion or who knows?
Now time will dissipate the fear
and bring me toward a new shore
where I will find you again my dear
waiting for me my Love
to show me your eternity

No, an illusion you are not

for you are the rock that nothing shakes
even when troubles sweep me away
when those strong waves cut off my faith
yes you are there my Love
to show me your eternity

No, an illusion you are not
You’ll show me your eternity

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